We Are Here To Serve You

Over the years technology has advanced dramatically, becoming a very important tool in our daily life. Using the internet as well as various tools in web development we will assist you in creating a digital platform which will expand your business.

We offer responsive content depending on your needs such as E-shops, personal or business websites, Multilingual content, Technical Support, Connection with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google + and in addition Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your websites.


We have long experience in repairing, upgrading and maintenance on laptops and desktops. Moreover, we know them inside out, regardless of their technological age and we have the tools and the know-how to get them up and running, and remain that way.

We can help you with all the problems your computer may be facing like: Charging Problem, High Temperatures, Low Performance, Cleaning, Format and software installation (Windows), Computer Protection (antivirus, firewall, internet security).

As we all know after some time computers need upgrade. By upgrade, we mean replacing or adding new components in order to boost the performance. Furthermore there are two ways to build a computer ready-made or the custom-made. We, at Computech4all, are the best choice to help you build or upgrade your current PC.

Are you using an Android or an iOS device? Do you want some specialized application for yourself or your business? In any case, we are here to assist you and implement your thoughts and plans.

Nowadays there is no need for physical presence in a business, especially if you are busy. For example, do you have a hotel and you need remote control of your booking system? Do you own a restaurant and you need a full view of your empty tables or your listed menu? Whatever your need is we can achieve the best of results.