Grei-Invest (Discontinued)

Status: Project Discontinued GREI Invest is a firm of independent experts with experience of over 20 years consisting of lawyers, valuers and property managers based in the USA and Europe specializing in real estate investment abroad.



My name is Emmanouil (or Emmanuel) Alfieris. As far as I remember myself, I picture me in front of a TV screen or in a movie theatre, watching movies and TV shows. Fascinated by the idea of what it takes to create and deliver such a result, I decided to focus my studies on this

Ippokratio KEK (Discontinued)

Status: Project Discontinued The Centre for Via Life Learning 2 "IPPOKRATEIO" is a model certified Training Centre for Business Executives and the Unemployed as well which aims to provide high quality education services to business executives and organizations in the Private and Public sectors as well as the implementation of educational programs financed by the

Olympic Lines

The travel agency "olympic lines" has its headquarters in Athens. It is κnown for its impeccable service and extensive experience, which offers high benefits to customers. Our firm with its experienced staff will help you travel in the best possible way!