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Panagiotis Tools

Our shop was established with main activity is the supply of industrial goods. Over time and with the support of our customers, the company proceeded to import and distribute additional products. In our exhibition you can see the entire range of products and their quality as well.

Mandraki Grill

"Mandrakis" restaurant was born in Kesariani in '93 and is close to you today with fresh and local meat prepared with taste in excellent hygienic conditions. Our delicacies that we offer combined with years of experience, the warm and friendly environment make our grill unique in its kind!

Cool Service

Cool Service started its professional activity in 1998. It specializes in a wide range of European and American appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers, kitchens, ice machines, home and professional ventilation systems as well as air conditioning. It consists of specialized technical staff with many years of experience in the field and

Theodosis Cruises (Booking System)

Theodosis Cruises is a family business located at the harbor of St. Nicholas in Volimes, Zakynthos. It organizes cruises to the Blue Caves and the Shipwreck and private trips for those wanting to enjoy the beauties of Zakynthos with privacy. Enjoy a fantastic two-hour cruise to the island’s top attractions, the world famous Shipwreck and

BlowSomeSteam (Discontinued)


Status: Project Discontinued We created BlowSomeSteam with the pur­pose of shar­ing our gam­ing expe­ri­ences, our gaming news, offers and other things as well. Join the community of BlowSomeSteam and stay informed on the latest game offers, Steam Giveaways and gaming reviews deriving from a enormous library of video games.


Our company is active in the caravan area for 35 years and was founded by Mr. Gouliarmi, expert in the caravan area with extensive experience in trading, and especially in the manufacturing part. In the past he has been a founding member of the company «Home car Hellas». Today the company collaborates with the main European brands of the caravan and automotive

Pame Paketo (Discontinued)

Status: Project Discontinued A new place that you will love and prefer for its amazing flavors, keeping the tradition of the souvlaki is a fact. The souvlakopoleio Pame Paketo, situated in the square of Vaggeli Martaki at Virona, offers you unique flavors in a warm and a friendly environment.

Grei-Invest (Discontinued)

Status: Project Discontinued GREI Invest is a firm of independent experts with experience of over 20 years consisting of lawyers, valuers and property managers based in the USA and Europe specializing in real estate investment abroad.



My name is Emmanouil (or Emmanuel) Alfieris. As far as I remember myself, I picture me in front of a TV screen or in a movie theatre, watching movies and TV shows. Fascinated by the idea of what it takes to create and deliver such a result, I decided to focus my studies on this

Ippokratio KEK (Discontinued)

Status: Project Discontinued The Centre for Via Life Learning 2 "IPPOKRATEIO" is a model certified Training Centre for Business Executives and the Unemployed as well which aims to provide high quality education services to business executives and organizations in the Private and Public sectors as well as the implementation of educational programs financed by the

Athonikoi Pateres

With the emergence of monasticism was presented a special form of life in Church. This however, does not mean that it was created a new ethics code. The Church has no particular ethical for seculars and particularly for monks, nor differentiates these two categories of believers as to their obligations to God. The Christian life

Iatrikos Symvoulos


Health is a serious matter. In the maze of information available today about health issues that concern us all, the Iatrikos Symboulos, the new website for Health, will try to provide you with a valid, scientific and objective information through news from the scientific community on thousands of topics relating to medicine and its developments.

Olympic Lines

The travel agency "olympic lines" has its headquarters in Athens. It is κnown for its impeccable service and extensive experience, which offers high benefits to customers. Our firm with its experienced staff will help you travel in the best possible way!