BlowSomeSteam (Discontinued)


Status: Project Discontinued We created BlowSomeSteam with the pur­pose of shar­ing our gam­ing expe­ri­ences, our gaming news, offers and other things as well. Join the community of BlowSomeSteam and stay informed on the latest game offers, Steam Giveaways and gaming reviews deriving from a enormous library of video games.

HeatFM (Discontinued)


Status: Project Discontinued We are fans of music and of having fun. We want to pass on our love of music so you can spend your day as beautiful as possible. We are waiting for you each day to the most cheerful company from morning until late at night playing your favorite tracks. Only at



My name is Emmanouil (or Emmanuel) Alfieris. As far as I remember myself, I picture me in front of a TV screen or in a movie theatre, watching movies and TV shows. Fascinated by the idea of what it takes to create and deliver such a result, I decided to focus my studies on this

Iatrikos Symvoulos


Health is a serious matter. In the maze of information available today about health issues that concern us all, the Iatrikos Symboulos, the new website for Health, will try to provide you with a valid, scientific and objective information through news from the scientific community on thousands of topics relating to medicine and its developments.